EconoGreen Plastics by Jig-A-Loo
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EconoGreen Plastics™ bags and drop cloths are made from 100% recycled plastics which makes us a leader in the industry.

Our plastic bags and drop cloths also contain a complex additive that makes them 100% oxodegradable in an open environment. When exposed to enough oxygen, our additive accelerates the degradation process by breaking down the carbon-carbon bonds in the plastic 100% Oxodegradableand reducing the overall strength and molecular weight of the plastic. The degradation is initiated by oxygen, natural daylight and/or heat and eventually erodes with the help of weather.  

The degraded bag or drop cloth then becomes a nutrient for microbes, which eat the broken down plastic molecules, reducing what was once plastic to water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. This procedure leaves behind more biomass than carbon dioxide.

It is important to note that EconoGreen Plastics™ products will not degrade in static landfills that isolate garbage from groundwater and air. Then again, there isn’t much that will decompose under these conditions, even organic trash like apples. What’s nice to know is our plastic products will degrade where it matters (i.e., in nature), which means it won’t harm animals that mistake plastic bags for food.